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Which is the best Engine-oil Castrol?


It goes without saying that Castrol is one of the leading manufacturers of engine oil in the world. The company has over the years introduced a number of different motor oils ranging from ones especially meant for motorcycles to those that are geared towards hatchbacks, vans, and trucks. Over a hundred years of experience in the lubricants and gasoline industry obviously means that Engine-oil Castrol can be trusted. That said Castrol manufactures many different types of engine oils, so you need to buy the right one for your car. The best way to know that is to refer to the vehicle’s user manual. If the user manual is not available, most professional mechanics should be able to guide you as well. You can also call the car’s manufacturer for guidance.


Why is branded motor oil recommended?


Over the years you may have noticed that car manufacturers only recommend branded motor oil. Manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Mercedes and VW all list Castrol as one of the motor oil brands that can be trusted. One of the reasons for this is that Engine-oil Castrol has been extensively tested with their engines. Car manufacturers often use leading brands of motor oil to test their engines. If the motor oil functions optimally and improves efficiency, they recommend it to buyers. That said you are still able to use lesser known brands, but it is often a risk because you never know what types of base oils were used. Also, getting an engine replaced or repaired is way too expensive even to consider so using substandard oil or ones that are unknown is not recommended.


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