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Why should you buy the Castrol 5W-40?

There are a number of reasons why vehicle owners in the IE should consider the new Castrol 5W-40. For starters, the latest formulation uses what’s called TITANIUM FST which is known to provide added protection to engines of all sizes and types. Then there is also the fact that the 5W-40 oils can be used in both diesel and gasoline engines as well as those with particle filters. Additionally, the brand has said that the new formulation also ensures that older engines perform optimally by preventing further wear and tear during severe driving conditions.

How does it protect the engine?

Every engine at the fundamental level is the same. Pistons move up and down to generate power caused by the ignition of gasoline. The job of the lubricant is to make that movement of the pistons easier by reducing friction. However, there is still friction, and eventually, engines do wear down. The new Castrol 5W-40 minimizes that friction even further by forming a much tougher protective film which is proven to reduce friction and improve protection. The new oil also helps clear residual build up which further enhances performance.

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