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Why should you use Castrol 20W-50 engine oil?


The Castrol classic engine oil has the necessary formulations to offer the best performance for all the old cars. The classic 20W-50 engine oil comes with characteristics that suit the vehicles with larger oil galleries, graphite or rope or cork seals, gear driven oil pumps and lower revving. These are not the characteristics that you get in the modern vehicles and this is why the Castrol classic 20W-50 oil is suited for all the old cars.


The important features of the Classic Castrol 20W-50 oil


The first thing is that the classic 20W-50 engine oil is made to suit the vehicles running on the older technologies. They are ideal to be used in all the classic car types. This oil is a conventional multi-grade oil suited for the classic engines. It offers very good engine performance as they are made using high quality oils and chosen additives to ensure smooth functioning of the engines at all times. These oils will meet the requirements of the classic cars and motor vehicle manufacturers that run on normal road conditions.

  • It offers very good oil consumption.
  • Protects the engine from wear and tear.
  • Offers all-round performance.


Buy the Castrol 20W-50 Oil from reliable online suppliers


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