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Buying the Castrol 0W-40 and its benefits

The Castrol 0W-40 also known as Castrol EDGE is a fully synthetic lubricant formulation using the new Fluid Strength Technology. The new technology ensures better performance for prestige as well as high-performance engines both petrol and diesel cars as well as a couple of light commercial vehicles. The lubricant can also be used in turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. One of the most significant benefits of using the 0W-40 oil by the brand is their optimum engine protection which ensures that all components starting from the valve train to the bearings are properly lubricated. Proper lubrication also improves engine efficiency a great deal.

Extended oil change durations

The Castrol 0W-40 boasts of another significant benefit which allows vehicle owners to prolong their next oil change without having to worry about engine damage. The unique Fluid Strength Technology uses a mix of additives which keeps the oil healthy even after 15000 kilometers of use. So, drivers can easily extend the use by another 5K kilometer. That said make sure to refer to your vehicle’s user manual to determine when an oil change is recommended. Also, physically inspect the oil to ensure that it still has lubricating properties.

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