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EDGE Longlife 2 0W-30
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What does Castrol 0W-30 have to offer?

The Castrol 0W-30 uses the band’s TITANIUM FST, which makes it the strongest ever EDGE line of lubricates. The new and improved EDGE product gives all engines the benefits of a strong and advanced synthetic oil like better fuel economy and overall performance. The TITANIUM FST formulation doubles the strength of the oil’s special film which prevents the breakdown of the metal within the engine walls by reducing friction significantly. All of this makes the pistons move more freely, and that has a direct effect on fuel economy.

Other benefits of a 0W-30 lubricant

One of the prime benefits of using the Castrol 0W-30 is the fact that it minimizes the detrimental short and long-term effects of quick starts and stops on the engine. It also helps to clean engine deposits which in turn maximizes engine response times. It helps protect the engine across an array of various driving conditions and different temperatures. Plus, it ensures excellent low temperature performance. The oil has been independently tested and proven to offer improved efficiency across all recommended engines.

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