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What are additives and why are they important?

Also called oil additives, these are compounds designed to improve the overall performance of the vehicle’s lubricants. However, there are different types of additives, and each one serves a different purpose. That said many synthetic oils already have additives which can make up to 5% of its volume.The only oils without additives are those with SA or API ratings, but they are not efficient at protecting the engine without the addition of additives. Which is why the additives you choose will depend on the vehicle you drive and the fuel it uses i.e. diesel, petrol, 4x4 or sedan.  

Should I add additives to my engine oil? 

It is a controversial topic at the moment with some experts recommending the addition of additives while others are recommending using oil that already has additives. However, big brands like MATHY, VALVOLINE, WYNNS and Mathé sell additives in addition to their motor oil. So, adding additives is something you may want to experiment with or probably add to oil as it becomes older to prevent rust from forming within the engine or alter its viscosity. Many engineers recommend using additives because it gives your engine that extra bit of protection which it may need to work under harsh conditions. Plus, they are cheap and will not do any harm to the engine.

Buying the right type of additive

There is no right or wrong way to buying additives. Most additives on our website are categorized by brand and their function. Simply buy one that you think your engine needs. Take for instance if you require that the oil you just put in your engine in winter is still good enough for summer but needs to be thinner buying a thinning additive would be a good idea. If you still need help do not hesitate to call or email us.