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Why is ATE motor oil recommended for small cars?

ATE is a brand of engine oil which manufactures and sells oils for small, medium and large vehicles. However, the company gets a lot of attention for its high-quality oils for mainly Kei cars or those with small engines. The reason behind the oil being recommended for cars with smaller capacity engines is because over the years car owners have reported excellent results. That said larger vehicles have also shown to benefit from the brand’s oil but perhaps not as much as smaller cars. It is for this reason that even car manufacturers in the IE recommend this brand.

How much does it cost?

One of the biggest reasons why ATE is a popular brand in the IE is the price. It is comparatively cheaper and yet offers as much if not better protection than major brands. Plus, those with smaller cars like the Golf benefit from excellent fuel economy and their vehicles can go longer in between oil changes. Though car manufacturers strictly ask that vehicle owners do not go past their vehicle’s oil change date. Also, it’s important to change the oil prior to each season for best performance.

Engine oil that you can trust

At we believe in selling only top-quality oil and brands that people can trust. All oil we sell is genuine and in the case of ATE its guaranteed to be original. So, our customers will save lots of effort when buying motor oil from